About us

About us

Some time ago, we decided to pursue our dream: building a lodge in The Gambia, Abdoul’s native country.

Gambia boasts numerous tourist hotels along its stunning coastline. Visitors can spend their time relaxing and enjoying the pleasant climate and picturesque beaches.

However, there is much more to see! We take pleasure in showcasing the beauty that The Gambia has to offer. AbCa’s Creek Lodge is situated on a creek off the Gambia River.

The lodge is nestled within the village of Kassagne, an authentic village surrounded by breathtaking nature. In Kassagne, you will experience the ‘real African feel’.

We have deliberately chosen the term ‘lodge’ to distinguish our establishment from the bush camps found in Gambia’s inland areas. These bush camps often provide basic facilities, lacking electricity or clean water.

Travel to The Gambia

Many tourists opt for all-inclusive packages, with both flight and hotel arranged for them.

However, it’s not widely known that it’s quite simple to book a flight and arrange accommodations independently.

The advantage of booking your own flight is the flexibility to choose one or multiple accommodations.

We are more than happy to offer advice on potential places to stay in The Gambia. Please fill out the contact form, being as clear as possible about your preferences.

Route description

Directions from the coast and from Banjul Airport:
Drive to Brikama and keep left there. Follow the Madinaba-road until the village Killy. At Killy, turn left. After 2 km you will see on the right our signboard. Turn right and follow the road. After 400 meter you have arrived at the lodge.
Distance 75 km. from the airport.

Why stay at AbCa's Creek Lodge?

Our goal is to provide you with an authentic African experience, while ensuring your comfort. That’s why our lodge is equipped with electricity and clean water. Hospitality and a personalized approach to our guests are the hallmarks of our establishment.

There’s plenty of food and drinks for everyone, and most importantly, it’s all fresh! The river supplies us with fresh fish, while our own garden yields an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. Not a fan of fish? No problem! We also serve a variety of other dishes.

In addition to relaxing, you can book excursions and activities at the lodge.

We are happy to have you!

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