Gambia is known among birdwatchers as one of the best bird watching countries in Africa. There are over 550 different bird species. Besides the African birds, there are also large numbers of birds that come from Europe during wintertime. Both during summer and winter bird lovers can enjoy everything there is to see. In winter, almost all species are present. The breeding season is in July and August.

AbCa’s Creek Lodge is an ideal habitat for birds. The lodge is in a steppe area right along a tributary of the river Gambia with mangroves. Because the river is affected by tides, at low tide the birds have an ideal area to forage. The river with mangroves, the adjacent forest and steppe area is home to a wide variety of birds. By Gambian birdwatchers AbCa’s Creek Lodge is considered as a paradise of birds. Besides the common birds like blue-bellied rollers, kingfishers, glossy starlings and weavers live rarer species like brubrus, African finfoots, white back night herons and toucans.

If you like bird watching while staying in AbCa’s Creek lodge you can do that on your own. It is possible to do that by foot, bicycle and canoe.
You can also explore the surrounding area under the guidance of an experienced bird guide.

Would you like us to put together a customized program? We assess your needs and then make an appropriate program.

Birdwatching video

Watch the “Birds of the Gambia” video below:

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