AbCa’s discovery tour

Price: 70 / Per Person / Per Accommodation

Duration: 09.00-18.00 uur
Included: Lunch
Price: €70,- per person (a minimum of 4 persons)

During this tour you will see the ‘real Gambia’. After breakfast we first will visit a Gambian family in a compound. You will get to know the daily life and habits of this family, which is typical for Gambian people. Then we drive to a village where we visit an elementary school (this is not possible during the weekends and during school holidays.). You will meet teachers and students. If you are lucky you may even teach te students!

We will visit a colourful market at Brikama, a town closeby Kassagne. Many Gambian people come here to buy their groceries. Local people come here to buy vegetables, fruit, fish, cloths, shoes and so on. Besides the local products, tourists can also buy souvenirs.

Lunch will be served at Paradise beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches outside the tourist zone. There will be some free time after lunch to work on your tan or stretch a little. Finally, we will leave the beach to drive to the fishing village Tanji. Fishermen are coming back from sea to sell their catch at the beach. You will be amazed by the variety of fish. One of the biggest fishes is the barracuda. After this amazing day we will drive back to the lodge.


70 / Per Person / Per Accommodation

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